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Strawberry Mint Herb Plant

Mentha x piperita 'Strawberry'
About the Mint 'family': Mint is a very commonly known herb of the Lamiaceae family. Mints are very aromatic herbs with a huge amount of uses as both a culinary herb and for its scent. They are usually perennial herbs with aromatic, slightly hairy or downy leaves with serrated edges which come in a range of colours depending on the variety. One of the best uses for Mint is to be planted by a path where you'll brush past it releasing the leaf's incredible scent. Mint flowers are usually small and compact, being attractive to bees and butterflies and range from white to purple or red. The leaves are used fresh or dried for many culinary purposes and have a fresh, crisp, aromatic flavour with a very characteristic cool aftertaste. Traditionally a compliment to lamb dishes, Mint is also used in teas, drinks, jellies, syrups, candies, ice creams and sauces. The are often used to flavour dishes as well as a garnish. Apart from it's use to flavour food it is also widely used in toothpaste and for its scent in perfumes and cosmetics.
About Strawberry Mint: Over the last few years, fruit Mints have become very popular and Strawberry Mint is one of the best. The mid to dark green leaves have a slight point at the tip which make it an attractive plant in its own right. Although not often grown as an ornamental plant, Mints have very attractive flowers as well as good study habits so are well worth considering in a pot. But of course this Mint really shines in cooking, it can be used as you would any other Mint but where it’s best is in summer drinks like Pimms. Chopped up in a fruit salad is also nice and you can almost use as much as you like because it really does grow very fast! Strawberry Mint has a lovely scent and a nice compact, sturdy habit. If you love Pimms then this is the Mint for you!
Grows to around 60cm in height and if left to its own devices will spread a metre or more.