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Sweet Marjoram Herb Plant


About Marjoram Sweet: A bushy, rounded Marjoram with an upright growth habit. It forms a mound of ovate, highly aromatic, hairy, grey green leaves which is covered in clusters of tiny pale pink flowers during mid to late summer.
Grows to a height of around 40-50cm and spreads to around the same.

Origanum majorana
About the Marjoram 'Family': A perennial herb from the Lamiaceae family which is native to the Mediterranean. Marjoram has smooth, slightly hairy, even leaves which are usually a rich green in colour and are very aromatic. The leaves have a subtle, sweet flavour similar to Oregano but often softer and less spicy. Marjoram has many culinary uses from flavouring meat and fish dishes to making a herbal tea and is used widely in Greek and Italian cuisines. The leaves are usually added towards the end of cooking a dish as heating them for too long will cook the flavour away.