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Marjoram Gold Shine Herb Plant


About Golden Marjoram: Golden Marjoram is a very aromatic Marjoram with an upright habit. The leaves are typical to Marjoram being slightly hairy or downy but as the name suggests they are bright golden in colour. In summer and early autumn the plant produces spikes of attractive, small pink flowers.
Grows to a height of around 60cm and spreads to around 30cm.

Origanum marjorna 'Aureum'
About the Marjoram 'Family': A perennial herb from the Lamiaceae family which is native to the Mediterranean. Marjoram has smooth, slightly hairy, even leaves which are usually a rich green in colour and are very aromatic. The leaves have a subtle, sweet flavour similar to Oregano but often softer and less spicy. Marjoram has many culinary uses from flavouring meat and fish dishes to making a herbal tea and is used widely in Greek and Italian cuisines. The leaves are usually added towards the end of cooking a dish as heating them for too long will cook the flavour away.