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Lavender OttoQuast Herb Plant

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About Lavender Otto Quast: An upright Lavender which forms a bushy, evergreen mound. It's widely used as an ornamental Lavender due to its early and long lasting flowering period. The flowerheads are borne on tall stems, are large and a very dark purple with large, showy pink bracts.
Grows to a height of around 90cm and spreads to around 60cm.

Lavandula stoechas 'Otto Quast'
About the Lavender 'Family': Lavender is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants from the Lamiaceae family. The two main types grown ornamentally are 'angustifolia' or 'English Lavender and 'stoechas' or French Lavender. A very useful herb which is grown as culinary herbs, ornamental perennials and commercially for their essential oils. Lavenders are very aromatic and have a sweet, citrusy fragrance similar to lemon. They are very attractive to pollinating insects particularly Bees which make high quality, Monofloral Lavender Honey. Lavender is used as a flavouring to pasta, salads, dressings and desserts. The flower buds and leaves are used in teas, jams, candies, ice creams and baked goods. It can be used in place of Rosemary and has a somewhat more delicate flavour which can increase when dried rather than fresh. The essential oils of Lavender have antiseptic properties and are used in a wide array of products. They're used as fragrances in cosmetics and bath products especially soaps.