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Lamium White Nancy perennial in 9cm pot

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Lamium maculatum 'White Nancy'
About the Lamium 'Family': Lamium is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants from the Lamiaceae family. Known by the common name Dead-Nettles due to their somewhat similar look to stinging nettles but unlike them have no stings whatsoever. They have square stems and rough-textured pairs of leaves and produce double lipped flowers which can be in a wide range of colours depending on the variety.
About Lamium white nancy: An attractive, low growing, hardy perennial which forms a spreading mound of very nice silver foliage with a dark green edge. From mid sp0ring to early autumn the plant is covered in clusters of small, bright white flowers which work very well with the silvery foliage.
Grows to a height of around 15-20cm and can spread to around 30-60cm.