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Gaura Belleza Compact Light Pink


Gaura Belleza Compact Light Pink  

Gaura Belleza Compact Light Pink is a great pollinator and has gorgeous compact dusky pink flowers. 

A striking bloom of colourful pink star shaped flowers, and dark green stems. Gaura is great for mixed containers and are fabulous when massed outside in the garden. Excellent for cut flowers gives these Gaura an extra bonus, along with being attractive for butterflies. A low maintenance plant also known as butterfly Gaura or wand flower.

Gaura is such an overlooked group of plants. They flower for such a long time and can cope with everything the British weather will throw at it.

 Gaura lindheimeri 

About the Gaura 'Family': Gaura is a genus of flowering herbaceous plants from the Onagraceae family. Most species are perennial with sturdy roots and form dense thickets. They produce spreading, flowering stems which can be up to 2m tall, leafy on the lower half and leafless on the upper stem. Mostly the flowers have four petals and are zygomorphic, with all the petals pointing upwards. Some species are regarded as noxious weeds but species such as G. lindhermeri are widely grown as ornamental garden plants.