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Coleus Collection

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This Coleus Cocktail collection is a fabulous addition to your containers or hanging baskets. Coleus plants also known as solenostemon, are renound for their velvety foliage. The vibrant colours will transport you through bright reds, green, yellow, pinks onto deep bronze. They are fantastic in bedding and borders and perfect for pots and containers, both inside or out. Coleus are a tender perennial.

You will receive 6 Coleus plug plants in total - 3 varieties, 2 of each.

We have wonderful varieties that may include : Daiquiri, Sangria, Cuba Libra, and many more.

What is a plug plant?

A plug plant is a small starter plant that is perfect to pot up in to a larger plant. We grow and sell so many of these because the allow us to do it for such a good price.

All of these plants were grown by Newlands on our nursery which has been growing plants professionally for over 70 years.

    Coleus Collection

    About the Coleus Collection

    Care Instructions

    Coleus need to be kept moist, rich, loose, well drained soil. Before planting you can add a perlite or organic compost. Let the soil dry out a bit between watering, and water if the top inch or the soil feels dry.

    Position, sunlight and more

    Coleus prefer dappled shade, rather than full sun.

    Height and Spread

    Coleus Copinto series can grow in height and spread from 30-90cm.

    Feeding, Pruning & more

    Feeding - If you have rich soil, you may not need to fertilize. If you don't add a balanced slow release fertilizer, then you will get the best colour from the leaves.
    Pruning - Pinch out the growing tips, when the plants are established (6 inch tall). Alternatively, pinch under the bud, this will encourage the plant to spend its energy on the leaves rather than the seeds and flowers.
    Propagate - Stem cuttings are an easy way to grow, free new Coleus.

    Our pot & plant size explained

    At Newlands Nursery we grow and sell plants in a variety of different sizes, from small starter plants up to planted containers. 

    We know it can be tricky to picture the size of each plant. This page gives you an idea of the size of the plants we are sending out.

    Please keep in mind that plants vary from one season to the next. The size of the plant refers to the pot or plug it is grown in, rather than the height of the plant, unless specifically mentioned on the plant page. 

    Picture of plug plant size

    Starter Plant (Plug Plant)

    Plug Size: 2cm by 4cm. Our most popular size. This is often the most economical way of buying plants and is a great way to get a head start on the season. Generally this size is best to be potted up before planting out.

    Picture of Jumbo plug plant

    Jumbo Plug

    Plug Size: 6cm by 7cm. A fantastic alternative to a 9cm pot and saves on plastic too. The plants in this size are well established and give you a head start. This size is perfect for planting straight into containers and baskets as well as the garden.

    Picture of 9cm pot

    9cm pot

    Pot size: 9cm by 9-10cm. This size hold some well established plants, some of which maybe around 1 year old. We sell most of our ranges in this size and most of the plants sold in this size, are established enough to be planted straight outside.

    Picture of 13cm or 1 litre pot

    13cm or 1 litre pot

    Pot size: 12-13cm by 12-15cm Currently our largest size of plant, with the exception of our planted containers. Many of our House Plants are available in this size, as well as some special collections and varieties.

    • Flowering time and interest

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