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Chilli Bulgarian Carrot Plant


Heat: 3/10

Produces large orange peppers which are quite hot and mature from green to yellow then finally orange. The peppers look very similar to carrots and are even crunchy, they are used in pickles and salads. Ideal to be added to any dish that you would like to add a bit of a kick too. Protect from drafts and keep in a warm spot. Ideal to grow in a greenhouse or window sil.


Is this plant "garden ready"

As with all Chilli plants they love the heat. This is especially true when they are young. All Chilli starter plants should be grown on the windowsill or a greenhouse until they are established and the weather is warm. 

What compost should I use?

A good quality multipurpose compost is ideal for this. You can use your own compost but make sure you know that it is not too high (or low) in nutrients.

Will I get the plants in the picture?

Yes, In the main picture. As this plant is a starter plant it will not be fruiting but will grow to be the same as the picture. The plug (starter) plant picture is used to give you an idea of the size and may not be exactly the same plant.

What is a plug (starter) plant?

A plug plant is a small starter plant that is perfect to pot up into a larger plant. We grow and sell so many of these because they allow us to do it for such a good price.