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Basil Magic Mountain Herb Plant

Ocimum basilicum 'Magic Mountain'
About the Basil 'Family': Basil, from the Lamiaccae family, is native to tropical regions from Africa to Southeast Asia and is used worldwide as a culinary herb. It's mostly used for its fresh leaves which generally have a slightly anise flavour with a strong, sweet smell and are added to dishes at the last moment as high temperatures will diminish the flavour. The leaves can also be dried although the a lot of the flavour is lost. The flower buds can also be eaten and have a more subtle flavour. Basil is classed as a tender herb and our varieties won't withstand a frost.
About Magic Mountain: Probably one of the best ornamental Basils. It has an upright, rounded habit with huge spikes of deep, rich purple florets. While the dark green foliage of this Basil is edible having a nice, mild flavour, its best use is as an ornamental plant as it has a very long flowering period if allowed.
Grows to a height of around 60cm and spreads the same. As with all Basil's they prefer a nice sunny spot and to be kept away from drafts. If you have a sunny windowsill, Basil can grow very successfully there. In the warmer months your plants can be left outside. Drainage is a key to Basil being successful and a well drained soil will help the plant thrive. They're not too fussy with the type of soil and a good quality multi purpose is ideal.