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Allium 'Quattro' Established 9cm plant


"New" herbs don't come around all that often. But this one is a winner.

Quattro is a fantastic edible plant that just keeps on giving.

why is it so good?3.99

  • The leaves of Quattro taste like ordinary onions with a very slight garlic taste bit with no garlic aftertaste!
  • This plant is hardy so can be grown outside all year round and produces stunning large lavender/purple flowers
  • The whole leaf is edible and so are the flowers!
  • Helps improve cardiovascular health and the reduction of cholesterol levels

 Alliums can be used in cooking for most any meal, making a lovely easy addition of onions and garlic. They can be eaten raw in salads too. 

Try it with an Omelette for a really great flavour. 

Rub over a chicken for a delicious taste.

Mix with Buttery sauce with prawns or mussels. 

Add to noodles, salads, pastas, it's incredibly versatile and oh so pretty !