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Lavender Collection - Newlands Platinum Jubilee 6 Established Pots


A lovely collection of 6 stunning perennial Lavender plants. This collection will bring colour to your garden all summer into the autumn. These plants are very hardy and will come back year after year. Lavender also make excellent cut flowers.

What's included in this collection?6

Each plant is potted in 9cm pots. All individually labelled.

Lavender Platinum Blonde: A very pretty, variegated Lavender with a dense, compact growth habit. It has attractive, narrow, variegated foliage in a silvery green edged with soft cream which contrasts very well with the large blue flowers during the summer.

Lavender Vera: A compact, upright English Lavender which is one of the best Lavenders for oil production. Sometimes known as True Lavender or just English Lavender. Produces tall stems tipped with long flower spikes covered with small dark lavender flowers during the spring and summer.

Lavender Hidcote One of the best known Lavender varieties and with good reason. A very uniform and sturdy growing Lavender. Perfect for hedges.

Lavender Forever Blue: An upright Lavender with a vigorous habit and tall spikes of long blooming dark flower heads with pale pink petals which keep their colour all season.

Lavender Melissa Lilac: A gorgeous, upright English Lavender with silvery green foliage and lilac flowers. The flowers are arranged in large flowerheads and a very pretty creamy lilac colour which is very unusual among Lavenders.

 Lavender Munstead  A very commonly grown Lavender with a rounded, compact habit. A highly scented Lavender which has a dense mound of silvery grey lanceolate foliage and fairly short flower spikes which helps keep the plant nice and compact. The flower heads are quite small producing more of a cluster than a spike of small light purple flowers which are bursting with sweet Lavender fragrance.


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