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Hardy Geranium Collection - Newlands Platinum Jubilee - 6 Established 9cm Plants


Hardy Geranium (Cranesbill)  Collection 

If you love Geraniums, then you will love this collection.

You will receive 6 Established 9cm Geraniums.

They may include varieties like, Nimbus, Biokovo, Orion, Ballerina, Tiny Monster & many more.

You will receive the best selection on the day. 

There's no doubt these are some of the best Geraniums around.

Geraniums are herbaceous perennials mainly, easy to grow and low maintenance. They are, once established drought and pest tolerant. With their foliage and oh so pretty blooms what's not to love about Geraniums.


Can I choose which varieties are in the pack?

Unfortunately not, the mixed pack are selected at the point of dispatch. It is one of the ways we keep the price down.

Will each variety be labelled? 

Yes. On the packaging, there is a label for each variety so you know exactly what variety you have had delivered.

Is this plant "garden ready"

The ideal size is a 9 cm pot (you can also plant straight into a basket), but it can be slightly smaller or larger if you would prefer. In the warmer months, you may get away with planting straight out, but it is probably not worth the risk.

Should I deadhead my Geranium?

You don't have to but if you do you will be treated to more flowers throughout the flowering period.

What compost should I use?

A good quality multipurpose compost is ideal for this. You can use your own compost but make sure you know that it is not too high (or low) in nutrients.

Hardy in the UK. 

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