Time for Tea

Time for Tea

Herbal teas are one of the easiest ways to make use of you plants. A few snips of a leaf and some boiling water and away you go. Plus they taste amazing, can help relax or stimulate you. And if you’re watching the waist line they’re a great alternative to a latte.

Simply putting a few leaves in a cup of boiling hot water and allowing the leaves to infuse for around 3 minutes (more if you like it stronger) then remove the leaves and enjoy.

These are our favourite herbs that can be used to make teas. Whether you choose to just use one or make a blend of a few these are the best herbs to start with.

Lemon Verbena – Amazing lemon scented leaves.
There aren’t many herbs that have such an instant wow factor as Lemon Verbena. The lemon sherbet scented leaves are unmistakably lemony.

Basil – Basil, also known as ‘The Royal Herb’ is a culinary herb which features heavily in Mediterranean and Southeast Asian cuisines.

Pineapple Sage – This sage has the scent very reminiscent of pineapple chunks. You really have to smell it to believe it. Also makes a very good exotic pims!

Lime Balm – Lime Balm while less well known that Lemon balm still makes a lovely lime flavoured tea.

Lemon Balm – Lemon Balm has become very popular to make into a very rich lemony tea.

Tangerine Sage – This beautiful plant comes from a group of Sages often referred to as fruit Sages. As you may expect, the leaves of this plant have a lovely fruity, tangerine scent and flavour.

Lemon Thyme – Lemon Thyme is considered to be especially aromatic with a strong lemony scent.

Black Peppermint – A Sturdy Mint variety with deep green leaves and a sweet peppermint scent.

Moroccan Mint – All over Morocco you can order a Mint tea where they’ll stuff a load of the leaves in a cup and just cover with boiling hot water. Simple but delicious and adding a bit of honey is nice too.