Pretty & Useful Herbs

Pretty & Useful Herbs

Herbs aren’t just for eating, their fantastic scents and aromas are a massive part of the plant. This collection just goes to show how versatile these plants are. Add some leaves to a bath and lay back, relaxed and enjoy their relaxing scents.


This a list of some of the herbs you can use in your bath.

Lemon Balm – Used to stimulate and relax.


Rosemary – The soothing scent of Rosemary can help your memory.


Japanese Mint – Adding mint leaves to your bath is a great way to get a spa experience at home! The cool scent will refresh your skin and make the water smell irresistible.

Lavender Munstead – Lavender is a fantastic herb to add to baths as there’s a reason so many bubble baths use it. Lavender rejuvenates your skin and has a very calming smell and can relieve insomnia.