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Pretty & Useful Chillies

Pretty & Useful Chillies

With chillies it doesn’t have to be all about the fruit. In many parts of Europe and America they’re used as ornamental plants. But just because they look good doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the fruit. All of these chillies wouldn’t look out of place in a planter on the patio and are still fantastic to add to your cooking.
These are our top chillies that look as good as they taste:
Purple Tiger – An unusual chilli pepper that produces deep purple fruits and has variegated foliage. The purple fruit of this plant are mildly spicy and are a great way to spice salads and salsas.
Peruvian Purple – A short chilli pepper plant but don’t let its size fool you this variety will keep you in chillies for some time. The plant has deep coloured leaves which help produce the shiny purple fruit. One of the best chilli peppers to grow on a windowsill or where space is short.
Royal Black – This is the best dark leaf variety that we grow. A stunning plant, the fruit is deep purple in colour and medium to hot in heat.
Pimento de Nede – A very hot chilli with beautiful dark reddish purple fruit. The leaves are such a dark purple as to be almost black in places.
Tricolour variegated – The leaves are variegated with purple, white and black patches and make a lovely looking plant especially when grown in a pot on its own where it really stands out!
Etna – One of the hottest chillies to originally come out of Italy. This chilli produces large long fruit that can reach 20cm in length. Can be picked at green but will turn red.
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