How many Chillies?

How many Chillies???

One thing that’s often surprises people is just how productive chilli plants can be. This collection is made up from some of the most productive varieties around. Without too much work you could be picking over 300 chillies from this planter alone!
That’s enough to eat a hot curry a day for 42 weeks!
Although all chilli varieties can be quite productive we have a few that are particularly large croppers:
SuperChilli – This very short Chilli is the perfect variety to grow if you love Thai cooking. When fruiting, you can pick the Chillies off at the green stage as well as when they’re fully ripe at red. If you’re going to pick at green they will have a slightly fresh flavour but make sure you wait until they’re dark green rather than very pale lime green in order to still have some heat and a non bitter flavour.
Demon Red – This Chilli produces great yields of fruit which unusually point upwards and is ideal for a windowsill due to its small size.
Indian – A very high yielding chilli which produces hot chillies which are great for cooking. The fruit stay green for some time if left long enough will have a slight black tinge on parts.
Aji Crystal – This is one of the best flavoured varieties we grow. Aji Crystal is a baccatum variety and as such has a citrus flavour. In some parts of the world this Chilli also goes by the name of “the grapefruit Chilli” due to its slight grapefruit like scent.
Chilli de Arbol – Often known as the tree chilli, this plant can grow up to 100-140cm in a year. The plant’s fruit can be quite long at 10cm and range from mild to hot in heat. The fruit of this tall Chilli can be used fresh or dried, the dried fruit is used decoratively as the chillies do not lose their colour after being dried.