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How To Prevent Plants Becoming Water Logged In the Winter!

How To Prevent Plants Becoming Water Logged In the Winter!

Hi, everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery here

This is a post for when you're taking plants through the winter. A great example is a lemon verbena, a fantastic, beautiful plant, and it's a perennial plant, but it can suffer through the winter if it sits too wet. A lot of people grow them in pots, you can move it to a sheltered position or put it in the greenhouse. If your plant goes in the greenhouse it's not going get rained on all that much, you're in more control. But if you put it close to the house, and we got loads and loads of downpours of rain, then it can sit too wet, even in a pot.

What happens is the base of the pot, where the holes are, the compost will start washing through time and time again, and it gets bunged up. Essentially, you need to lift your pot off the ground. But there is a step by step video linked below, on what to do to prevent your plants from becoming water logged in the winter. Very simple. 

We hope this helped, any questions get in touch. See you soon! 

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