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How To Prepare Your Chilli Plants For Winter!

How To Prepare Your Chilli Plants For Winter!

Hello everyone, Alan from Newlands.

In the video linked below, i'm going to prepare this chilli plant to take through the winter, hopefully for you to reference! So many people are unaware that chilli plants are perennial. They come back year after year. By the time you get to about the fourth, the fifth year, they don't become particularly productive. In the video below i'll discuss that there's a few things you can do, to prepare for the winter. The perfect time to prepare would be around about the middle of September, towards the end of September. This will depend on what part of the country you're in.

After watching the video, the question you might be asking is, even so, why not just so fresh seeds every single year? You can definitely do that. Chilies are so productive, but actually a second year and a third year chili, something that's been through two or three winters is so much more productive. In the second year you can often get twice as many fruit off the same plant. So definitely give it a go. any questions, get in contact as we're here to help. See you soon! 

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