Ep215 - How to deadhead plants to get more growth!

Ep215 - How to deadhead plants to get more growth!


On Todays 5minute Friday, we are going to show you how to deadhead flowers, to encourage more growth.

Today I have a container with Geum in it, to dead head, sometimes we think about geraniums and roses, but dead heading helps so many plants. So, we look around for the dead flowers, interestingly, whilst looking you will also see new fresh buds.

Plants put a lot of energy into creating seeds, but we want the flowers, so by dead heading, it will put more energy into producing more flowers.

Just work your way around the plant, just cutting the dead flowers off. If they look like they are about to go off, snip them off anyway, and you will be surprised by how many new flowers you will get. Remember to do this for many of your flowers, not just your bedding.  

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