EP183 - How to plant up a hardy autumn container

EP183 - How to plant up a hardy autumn container

 On Todays 5minute Friday, I am going to plant up, a hardy autumn container.

In this video, I will show you how to plant up a nice autumn/winter container, to go outside your door, or on the patio.

I have chosen one of our new delightful trailing pansies, cool wave yellow, this is quite fast growing, and will tumble over the side in no time. Then Sage Gold, with its lovely, variegated foliage and finally, Thyme, Archers Gold. As I am sure you have noticed, I am going for that warm yellow gold theme, which will bring fabulous warm colours, in the duller months.  

With the summer behind us, we can turn our attention to autumn, winter and planning and planting for next year. The Cool Wave Pansy collection, is ideal for some vibrant autumn baskets, with their beautiful array of colours, lightening up even the dullest of days.

The herbs are particularly easy to plant and grow, still giving you access to their leaves for any culinary delights you may be creating. Sage ideas could include, pork, stuffing, soups, delicious on cauliflower cheese.  Thyme is ideal for flavouring stews, meats, fish and vegetables or classically, use it for a bouquet garni.

Browse our stunning Plants for September here.

How to plant up your container.

  1. Fill your container with a good multipurpose compost. I’m filling it up to 9cm from the top, as the plants I am using are this size. Give it a tap, to eliminate any air gaps.
  2. Place the plants on top of the compost, so they are level with the edge. You can judge which way the plant is leaning, so as we want this container to trail, I am facing the plants outwards.
  3. Once you have your 3 plants ready, just fill the gaps with compost, not pushing it down so you’re not compacting the plants.
  4. Lastly, give this a good water, and it’s ready to go outside.

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