EP174 - How to deadhead annual bedding plants

EP174 - How to deadhead annual bedding plants


Hi everyone, Alan from Newlands Nursery.

This video is about why and how to deadhead We have here Calibrachoa, Geraniums, New Guineas. We're going to, take the dead heads off, in order to spur the plant on to produce more flowers.  We get flowers for a longer period of time, and also your pots, your baskets, your flower beds, always look better when they've been deadheaded. What I'd recommend is you do a little bit often, rather than waiting for loads of deadheads.

This is nice and easy, and it makes a vast amount of difference.


1. Work your way around the plant, just nipping off any of the flowers that have gone off. There is a good example of this on the video with the new guinea. 

2. There is a difference when deadheading the Geraniums, as you will see, we nip it much further down the stem. 

3. Just follow these steps all over your plant. Then before you know it, you will have way more little buds appearing, ready to bloom. 


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