best grow your own herbal tea kit

Enjoy home grown herbal teas

Achieve amazing results with expert instructions from award winning growers.

Why choose this grow kit


You will love growing your very own herbal teas. This kit comes with already established starter plants to make life easier.

Growing, Caring and Enjoying

This kit comes with a care booklet that will help you get the most from your plants. From planting though to caring for your plants and some easy recipes to get you started.

Best Quality

With loads of RHS awards to our name and 65 years of growing plants we know a thing or two about getting the most from your plants

Always Fresh

If you have never had a fresh herbal tea you are missing out. With this herbal tea grow kit you can go from picking to enjoying in seconds

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What plants are included....


Its a classic herbal tea plant and with good reason

Lemon Verbena

Beautiful lemon scent and taste.


The refreshing and uplifting mint taste gets your morning of to a good start.

Moroccan Mint

The King of mints when it comes to tea.

Pineapple Sage

With the scent of pineapple chunk's its a must have plant.

Looking to relax? or maybe a refreshing and uplifting start to the day. These 5 herb plants cover all the bases.

What's in the herbal tea grow kit

This grow kit has everything you need to start growing, caring for and enjoying your own herbal teas.

  • 5 hand selected established herb starter plants
  • 5 pots to pot into
  • 1 care booklet with all the info you need from planting to picking. Plus some simple recipes to start with.
  • 5 printed nursery labels, so you know which plant is which
  • 1 bag of commercial grade compost (the same as we use on our nursery)