Mixed scented geranium special plants

If you love herbs for their relaxing scents and also love flowers then scented Geraniums are the perfect plant for you.

Beautiful scents and stunning flowers..

What garden would be complete without the soothing scent of Lavender.

Easy to grow and will fill your garden or patio area with beautiful flowers all though the summer.

3 different varieties hand picked for you.

The best varieties of the moment hand picked by our award winning growers

All varieties are perennial plants that will fill your garden with scent and colour year after year.

Perfect for the garden or patio pots.

Well rooted plants ready to be potted on

The best value way to build your to buy scented geraniums.

Hand picked.

This collection will be hand picked for you by our award winning growers from the best varieties of the moment.

Amazing Value

Save by buying the collection. These 6 plants would normally cost £11.94

Satisfaction Guarantee

As with all of our perennial plants these plants are guaranteed for 1 year.


What varieties will i get?

Our award winning growers will pick from our large range of scented geraniums and carefully select 3 different varieties for you.

Will My plants be labelled?

Yes, all of the varieties will be labelled so you know exactly what you are getting.

What if I order more than one pack? will I get repeated varieties?

Almost certainly. This pack is meant as a great introduction to scented geraniums. That is why we do it so cheap. The varieties are pick at the begin of each day so if you order more than one pack you will almost certainly get repeated varieties.

Are these the same varieties you have on your RHS Hampton Court Flower Show Stand

Yes, these are the same varieties.

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