Trailing geraniums

Love Hanging Baskets? This is the perfect pack for you.

10 Trailing Geranium Stater plants

Achive colourful hanging baskets all through the summer

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What varieties will I get?

To keep the price so low we pick the varieties at the point of dispatching to you. But don't worry you will get a nice selection of colours.

Are these plants labelled?

No they are not. This helps us keep the plants at such a good price

Are these plants ready to pot up?

Yes they are. All of our starter plants are ready to pot up as soon as you get them.

Specially selected by our award winning growers

These Geranium starter plants are ready to pot on for your hanging baskets or patio pots. When you place your order we pick the best varieties of the moment giving you a great selection of colours.

Sold out

Sold out