EP42 The Heritage of Newlands Nursery with Ray Lodge..

EP42 The Heritage of Newlands Nursery with Ray Lodge..

This week's episode I have wanted to bring to you for some time. 

As many of you regulars to the podcast will know Newlands Nursery is coming close to its 70th year. (The actual age is of some contention as you will hear in the episode) 

So this week we are joined by Ray Lodge (Alans Dad). Together we chat about how the Nursery started and the changes it has been through over the years. Including how Newlands Nursery came to exhibit at the RHS shows and specialise in Chilli and Herb plants.


The Podcast was born from a desire to help people get into gardening and tell the stories of their ups and downs in horticulture which helped them get to where they are today. Along the way, I am pleased to say many people have told us how useful they have found the tips and tricks that have been kindly given by the plant and garden enthusiasts we invite onto the podcast. I am so pleased they have helped in some way. This week's episode is much more about our nursery as we have been asked so many times about how it started, where it came from and why we do what we do. It was really fun to record and over the coming months, we will have a few more specials like this fro you including a question and answer special on chilli and herbs to look forward too.

Normally at this point on the show notes, we share our guest's social accounts websites etc. 

But Ray is not on social media so if you do want to contact him please feel free to send a message via our social media or email us using the contact us page.


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