A Must-know Tip For Picking Your Chillies!

A Must-know Tip For Picking Your Chillies!

Hi, I'm Alan from Newlands Nursery. I wanted to give you a quick tip about picking your chili plants. You spend all the time nurturing them and growing them and now they've fruited and you want to enjoy some of the fruits of labor. There are two main types of chili plants, please watch the video below for specifics and reference products!

When you're picking your chillies, I'd prefer not to cut them off with scissors or secateurs, but prefer to snap them off. A quick easy tip is, if your chili is pointing down, as seen in the video below, we bend it up and snap it off and it breaks off a nice clean break at the node. If it's pointing up, we snap it down, and it snaps off. It's nice and simple, again I'd advise watching the video for guidance. I'd prefer the technique shown and explained rather than cutting them off because, the latter allows for disease. We've been doing it now for years and years and years and we've had no problems so give it a go.

As always, contact us for any help or advice. See you soon! 


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