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How To Deadhead And Why!

How To Deadhead And Why!

Hi, Alan from Newlands. 

Effectively, this post is about why and how to deadhead a flower. We're going to, take the dead heads off, in order to put more strength into the plant, and to produce more flowers. And we get flowers for a longer period of time, and also your pots, your baskets, your flower beds, always look better when they've been deadheaded. What I'd recommend is you do a little bit often, rather than waiting for loads and loads of deadheads.

Please watch our video below, for a step by step tutorial and reference, for the best possible outcome!

this is nice and easy, nice and simple, but it makes a vast amount of difference. In the hot weather as well, make sure you've got your hat on, give 'em a water, and start deadheading.


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