Growing a Coffee Plant

Growing a Coffee Plant

I have some exciting news for all you houseplant lovers! Our new houseplant collection will soon be available to buy and there’s one plant from this collection I want to share and talk about with you. Anyone who knows me will know that I’m a coffee addict so I’m very excited to share this interesting houseplant with you, which is the coffee plant. You may think of coffee as being the world’s most popular breakfast beverage, but not many people know that it makes a wonderful houseplant too.

The coffee plant is a variety of a tropical evergreen shrub that reaches up to 15 feet or more in its native tropical habitat but will stay much smaller kept in a pot. This plant has glossy, dark green leaves with ruffled edges and when the plant has matured after 3-4 years, white star-shaped flowers will produce. And this is when it gets exciting. These flowers are followed by green fruits, which change to red then dark brown as they continue to ripen. This process takes several months but when ripened, you’ll find two beans inside the fruit that can be roasted and ground up to make your morning coffee. You may not get enough coffee beans to make a whole pot of coffee, but it’s fun to try roasting a few beans, right?

How to care for your coffee plant

Light: Coffee plants should be placed near a window as they prefer bright, but indirect light.

Water: The soil should feel slightly moist at any time, but not soaking wet and will need less water in the winter than in the summer. You also make sure that the soil never dries out completely too.

Humidity: This plant loves humidity and the humidity around your plant needs to stay high. You can use a cool-mist humidifier for best results.

Height: When confined to a pot, this plant will reach up for 6 foot. To keep it at the desired size you can prune it back in the spring.

If you’re looking for a new addition to your houseplant family, this is a fun plant to grow and is worth checking out. Keep your eyes peeled for this plant and the new houseplant collection on our website!