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From Seedling to Established Plant

From Seedling to Established Plant

Taking a plant from a young seedling though to an established plant is a key stage of the development of any plant. It’s also the stage at which so many people get tripped up.
Once you’ve raised seeds or cuttings successfully the next step is to continue the growth until the plant can fend for itself better in the big bad world.
By this stage your plants will have put on some leaves and will be growing away nicely. Herbs are no different from any plant and their main aim is to continue to grow. 
This is the point to pot the young plants into a larger pot. I would recommend you go for a pot between 6cm and 9cm as any larger than this you may have issues with space and the soil holding too much moisture.
What compost to use?
Now your plants are a bit bigger a standard, multipurpose compost will be perfect. There are hundreds on the market. You won’t need anything special and your plants won’t need any specific compost.
The next step is to fill your pots with the soil. Fill them almost all the way to the top. Avoid filling them completely as this will help with watering. Then poke a hole in the centre of the compost and drop the plant in. Now water the plants in and you’re done.
It’s always best to keep them in a sheltered spot such as a greenhouse, conservatory or window sill. The less stress you put on the plant at this stage the better.
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