EP1 - Let's sow some Coriander #5MINUTEFRIDAY

EP1 - Let's sow some Coriander #5MINUTEFRIDAY

Welcome to our first 5 Minute Friday!

We are really excited about this and looking forward to the up and coming 5 minutes.

This week we are sowing coriander
I love coriander and it really does benefit from being sown regularly.

It does not take long.
Less than 5 minutes as it happens (sorry my first five-minute video was way less than 5 minutes lol)

What you need

  1. A pot, or something that can hold soil and not fall apart with watering. If it is a makeshift pot make sure there are some holes for drainage
  2. Coriander seeds
  3. Some soil or compost, multipurpose will do the trick

Step one.
You need a pot and let's be honest you don’t need a pot.  Anything that will hold soil and will not fall apart as you water it will do. The pot I used in the video was a second-hand one we grew something in last year.
Step two.
Put your soil in the pot. Don’t pack it down, add the soil in and leave it just a bit from the top. A fingers depth from the top of the pot is ideal. Now you need to gently tap the pot down. We are looking to get any air pockets out which will mean that the soil will sink a lot when we water it.
Step three.
Add your seed we are just sprinkling it on the top of the soil. In the video, I used around 15-25 seeds.  Try and spread them out as best you can so they do not grow to close to each other but don’t get too fussy either.
Step four.
Cover the seeds with some more soil. Not too deep just a light covering will do the job. Again, do not push the soil down.
Step five.
Water the plants. You almost can’t overwater at this stage make sure there is a nice lot of moisture in the soil.
Step six.
Your coriander will want to be in a nice and warm spot. Ideally, we are looking for around 20-22 degrees for them to start growing. Most homes in the UK are in this region of temperature so a windowsill or warm room is ideal.

Step seven.
Sit back and wait. Your coriander will start coming through the soil in around about 1-2 weeks and you should be starting to crop the coriander in around about 5-6 weeks.

Step eight.
For some of you, there may not be a step eight but if it was me I would sow coriander every week. This will give you a constant supply of lovely tasting and fragrant coriander.

Alan Lodge
Partner, Newlands Nursery