EP181 How to take Tarragon Cuttings

EP181 How to take Tarragon Cuttings

On Todays 5minute Friday, I am going to show you, how to take Tarragon cuttings.

This is the perfect time of year to take cuttings from your Tarragon plant. This is any easy way to do it, and we are going to take them through the winter, ready to enjoy them again, next spring.

Tarragon is listed as one of the finest herbs, of French cuisines, and is the main flavour component of a Béarnaise Sauce. The flavour is slightly aniseed, which compliments fish or poultry very well. The plants themselves usually, have slender, branched stems with elongated, glossy, green leaves.

Tarragon is a perennial plant, but does require a little care over the winter, so a warm windowsill, conservatory or heated greenhouse is perfect for them. They don’t usually flower, or produce seed, so cuttings are a must. Two reasons to do this are, firstly, you get yourself, lovely new herb plants, and secondly, the cutting process, benefits the mother plant, leaving it much healthier, and it will grow bushier and more compact, going forward.

For the winter, you can dry or freeze the leaves. At home, we freeze them in an ice cube tray, then they can be added to stews, soups during the winter months.

Browse our Tarragon established 9cm plants.

How to take Tarragon cuttings.

  1. Take some multipurpose compost and fill your pot, I am using a 9cm one. Fill it almost to the top and gently tap it down, to get rid of any air gaps.
  2. With some secateurs, snip quite a large cutting, (size shown in video).
  3. Take the bottom leaves off, giving yourself a nice clean stem, to put into the compost.
  4. Make a small hole near to the edge, and just tuck the cutting in, but not compacting it, or squeezing it in any way. I have put it near the edge, as I am going to put 3 in this pot.
  5. We need to water them well, and they are now ready to go.
  6. We tend to put 3 cuttings in, as they don’t often all take 100pct, so at least you should get 1 or 2 from each pot.

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