EP176 - How to divide Hardy Geranium plants

EP176 - How to divide Hardy Geranium plants

On Todays 5minute Friday I will show you how to divide your Hardy Geraniums.

It is best to do this at this time of year, after flowering, which this variety has done, and we have cut it back. 

By dividing the plant up, it not only gives you extra plants, but it also reinvigorates the existing plant. You can do this either, in the ground or in a container, but as we are taking them through the winter, it may be wiser to establish them in a pot, take them through the winter, then plant them out. 

We divide Hardy Geraniums around every 2 to 4 years. They will take all winter to establish, but this is the best way to do this.

Geraniums are herbaceous perennials mainly, easy to grow and low maintenance. They are, once established drought and pest tolerant. With their foliage and oh so pretty blooms what's not to love about Geraniums.

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How to divide your Geraniums.

1, The first thing to do is to take the plant out of the pot. To release the plant from the container, gently squeeze the pot and lift the plant out. It should have a good root system. 

2. You will find with a plant like this,  there are natural areas to divide.

3. After looking around the plant, I will be dividing this into 3 plants.

4. Using whichever you prefer, a knife, spade, or saw whatever you are most comfortable with.  This can look a bit harsh, but just push through from the side, trying to protect the crown. Gently tease the plant away in to however many pieces you are making. 

5. Now that these are separated, you will notice they may be quite dehydrated, so a good water will be important. 

6. Put a thin layer of compost in the pot, then pop the plant in, it needs to sit at a natural level, so just fill in around the sides, then tap it down. Don't push it down too firmly so as to compact it, just ensure all the air gaps are filled. 

7. Fill in any gaps around the root ball and the compost if needed, but do not be tempted to compress the compost.

8. Now, all that is left to do, is give it a good water. Bearing in mind you have just split this plant into 3, so especially in the first week, be sure to water well, making sure all the new compost is moist. 


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