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Wild Flower Collection 6 Different varieties in 8 to 9cm pots

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When it comes to wildlife-friendly plants it is hard to look past wildflowers. These established plants are ready to plant up into your garden and are not just good for the wildlife, they look stunning too.

What's in this collection?

This is a collection of some of our most popular wildflowers and may include varieties such as Valerian, wild wallflower, Oxlip, wild viola, teasel and many more. This collection of 6 different wildflowers is sure to bring the bees and butterflies into your garden. 


Can I choose which varieties I get?

Unfortunately not, to keep this pack priced so competitive you can not choose which varieties you get but we will pick the best of the time. 

Is this plant "garden ready"

Yes, these are in 8 to 9cm pots and are ready to be planted out into the ground or a pot

Will each variety be labeled? 

Yes. All 6 will come with labels 

Will I get the plants in the picture?

Maybe, The picture is of some of the varieties we grow and more than likely you will get some of these but we will select from the best plants of the moment.

Are all of these plants Hardy?

Yes, they are. Some of the varieties are not evergreen so may disappear underground over the colder months but will be back the following spring.