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Viola Etain perennial plant

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Viola cornuta 'Etain'
About the Viola 'Family': Viola is a genus of flowering plants from the Violaceae family. A large number of species are grown for their ornamental qualities and are called a number of different names. Varieities with large, multi coloured flowers are usually known as 'Pansy', where as the smaller flowered varieiteis (including wild species) are more commonly known as 'Violet'. Most Viola are herbaceous and have heart shaped leaves. They are usually either quite low growing with short stems or are acaulescent meaning they have no noticeable stems and appear to rise straight from the ground. The flowers of most varieties are zygomorphic with bilateral symmetry.
About Viola Etain: A low growing, compact Viola which produces lots of creamy yellow flowers with very pretty purple edges. The flowers bloom from early spring through to late autumn and can even flower through the winter in very mild climates.
Grows to a height of around 10-20cm and spreads to around 15-20cm.