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Tulip Radiant Reds Collection - 9 Gorgeous Red Bulbs & 3 Mystery red bulbs FREE ! (12 BULBS) (4 different varieties)

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We are delighted to bring you this regal collection of our best Red tulip bulbs. The perfect statement to any garden, balcony, pots or space.  Red tulips just look so sumptuous and radiant, they will add such vibrancy and elegance to any place. When cut these will transform any room with a vase full of radiant, refreshing red. 

Spring flowering bulbs are the perfect way to add colour and interest to your garden. As the season "springs" into life these bulbs rejuvenate your garden with stunning colours. Our top quality bulbs have been carefully selected to make sure you get the best possible plants.

A symbol of Spring. Tulips are the most popular spring bulbs and most gardeners reserve them a spot in the garden or containers. Grown for their attractive vibrant flowers and fragrance, there are currently of 3,000 varieties.

Your Radiant Red Collection will include :  12 x Red Tulip Bulbs

Tulip 'Red Impression The pyramid-like bulb of this Darwin tulip has many tones, in its beautiful flower. Different shades of red add colour to the outside of petals as they emerge from a base of purple.  When the bloom opens the petals give a completely different impression, a darker red against a black base, trimmed with bright yellow, outstanding. 

Tulip Ad Rem : A ravishing looking tulip with large, scarlet red petals, edged in golden yellow. Gardeners adore Ad Rem because it always puts on a great show of colour. One of the best Tulips for repeat blooms, it also has a wonderful fragrance.

Tulip Red Riding Hood : Also known as Ali Baba is a dwarf tulip with a streaky foliage and deep red flowers. The foliage is Silver/grey, Purple in Spring and they are wonderfully fragrant. This will give your red collection some differing heights and texture.

Mystery Red Tulip:  Will be a ravishing red, that will enhance all the other bulbs in your collection !!

A Glossy leaflet with a step by step guide to planting your bulbs. 

Scanned QR code which will take you directly to a video on how to plant your bulbs, personally made for you, by Alan of Newlands Nursery. 

Please note to keep prices as low as possible, we can not take requests for specific varieties.

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