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Tomato Time Sowing Kit - Tomato Seeds from Dug Plant Box by Newlands

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Tomato time  

The summer is not the summer without home grown tomatoes (well that is what we think anyway).  We always find it exciting to see the first vegetables of the spring and looking forward to enjoying a bumper harvest later in the year.  Starting your tomatoes in late winter to early spring gives you a head start on the year and will mean you get a nice early crop of lovely, sweet tomatoes.

Let’s meet the plants

Tomato Money Maker 

A very old variety that is as popular now as it was in the early 1900s when it was first introduced. One of the main reasons people grow Money Maker these days is that it is very forgiving of soil, weather, and care conditions.  An ideal choice as a beginner’s tomato.  Producing a medium sized tomato this variety works well in both salads and cooking.  Best grown in a tomato bag or the ground.

Orange Berry  

A very prolific small fruiting tomato that is best used in salads or as an alternative to sweets!  The bright orange fruit are very sweet and assuming you can resist picking them straight from the vine, this plant can produce up to 50 fruit per truss.  A nice early fruiting and ripening variety that is sure to be a hit.

Sweet Aperitif

A very prolific cherry tomato that has pure bright red fruit which are ideal for salads.  The thin-skinned fruit covers the plant and over the growing season you can expect to get as many as 500 tomatoes off a single plant.


A dwarf semi trailing variety that is very well suited to growing in a hanging basket or container.  The medium sized red fruit work well in cooking as well as in salads.  If you are short of space or looking for a variety to grow just outside the kitchen window, this is the variety for you.

Your Sowing Kit will comprise of : 

1 x Pack Seeds Tomato Money Maker

1 x Pack Seeds Tomato Orange Berry

1 x Pack Seeds Tomato Sweet Aperitif

1 x Pack Seeds Tomato Maskotka

1 x Cell Pack Tray

1 x Glasshouse lid

1 x Tray


Glossy leaflet with a step by step guide to sowing the seeds. 

Scanned QR code which will take you directly to a video on how to sow your Geranium Spirit seeds, personally made for you, by Alan of Newlands Nursery.