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The Wonderful World of Basil


You can be forgiven for thinking basils are basils.  You could not be further from the truth.  There are so many different types, here we have selected 3 of our favourite varieties.  Whilst Basil is mainly grown for its tasty leaves, I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised on how good this container looks.

Included in collection is 3 Starter plants of Basil (Named below)

1 x Decorative Home Sweet Home Container

1 x Glossy Basil Care Card

Let’s meet the plants

Basil Magic Mountain

We have grown this variety for some time.  It can often be confused with African Blue Basil, but this variety is sturdier and can cope with conditions better.  The deep green leaves have a hint of purple to them and a lovely deep aroma.  First bred as a cut flower, as it produces long spikes of pink flowers.

Basil Ajaka

When I am looking for a basil to add to cooking, this is the one I go for.  A relatively new variety, this plant is sturdy, aromatic and vigorous.  Out of our collection, this is the closest in looks to a “traditional basil”, but it is far from it and can cope with conditions in the UK much better.

Basil Red Ball

A real stand out basil for both looks and taste.  This basil is closer in flavour to a Thai Basil.  This means it has more undertones of aniseed than the varieties we relate to European cooking.  We have grown this basil for a few years now and it really is a winner.  Out of all the varieties, this will be the slowest growing, but it is worth the wait.