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Surfinia Trailing Petunia Container Kit

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This fabulous collection will enhance any patio, balcony or sunny space. The iconic, vibrant blooms will arrive with 2 pots, 6 Petunia plugs, 2 x red, 2 x blue, 2 x white. All you will need is compost. (Not included).  Plant the plugs, pop them in a sunny spot and sit back and enjoy this classic British garden staple, with it's lush green foliage and velvety blooms. 

Petunia blooms are edible, provided they’re not sprayed with pesticides. So they’re not only suited for your garden, they also go with salads (mmm!) and cocktails !. The flowers supposedly taste sweet and even a little spicy!

Petunia is a genus of 20 species of flowering plants of South American Origin.

What is included in this collection 

2x Grey and Wood effect Barrel pots with drainage holes -  8" 3 Litre.

This kit contains 6 Plug Plants Petunias and you will get :

2 x Red 

2 x White

2 x Blue 

Where to put the Pot

Bright sun, or partial shade.

What is a plug plant

A plug plant is a small starter plant that is perfect to pot up in to a larger plant. We grow and sell so many of these because they allow us to do it for such a good price.

Looking after your Surfinia Petunias

Bring them in during the winter, and you will have them for the next summer. 

Plant them May/June and they should bloom into late September, depending on the good old British summer.