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Scented Geranium Sweet Mimosa Jumbo 1 litre plant

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 Beautiful light to pale flowers with leaves that produce delicate rose and lemon scent. One of our best selling scented geraniums.

Scented Geraniums like a well drained soil in a sunny spot and grow well indoors as well as the conservatory. They will need some protection over the winter so make sure you bring them in if you plan on growing your plants outside in the warmer months.


How big are the plants?
This varies from one plant to the next and one plant to the next. They have all been grow and are well established in a 1 litre pot which is around 12cm wide and 12cm deep. The plants themselves are around 15-30cm tall and 10-20cm wide.

Are these plants perennial?
Yes they are, and with a bit of protection will go through the winter with no problem at all. Plus they make a fantastic house plant.

What can I use Scented Geraniums for?
They have so many uses not least of all filling your garden or room with a lovely scent. They can be added to cooking and make a fab tea.

Are these not scented pelargoniums?

Yes they are, But Scented Geraniums is how they are more commonly refereed to so we tend to use that name.