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Radamachera - One Established Pot

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Radermachera sinica, aka China Doll, serpent tree or emerald tree, is an evergreen tree in the family Bignoniaceae, native to southern China and Taiwan. 

Foliage is attractive, and glossy, dark green and lacy. Makes a very popular indoor or patio plant, requiring a position with indirect sun light. 

Where can I grow these plants? Kitchen Bathroom Living Room Bedroom Salon/Home Office/Mancave Houseplants can often have a bad reputation. Many people think that they are hard to grow and care for. Whilst there are some plants that can be harder, the great news is that there are many that are simple to grow and care for. Position and Care Overwatering is what gets many houseplants so allow these to dry out a bit before watering. All of these plants are ideal in a sun to shade. Best not in direct sun.

Please note this product does not include the pot, the plant will be sent in a standard recyclable horticulture pot.