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Perfect for windowsill's herb collection

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Not sure you have enough space to grow herb plants?

Think again, these herbs have been especially selected to grow well on a windowsill* and are great to add to flavour your favourite dishes.

What's in the collection

You get 5 different starter plants (plug plants) and ready to be potted up as soon as they arrive with you.

Thyme Tabor

This Thyme has a very strong aroma and flavour making it one of the best for use as a culinary herb. It has a prostrate, trailing growth habit and broad (for a Thyme), ovate, shiny green leaves and produces small pink flowers during the summer. 
Grows to a height of around 15cm and can spread to around 40cm.

Rosemary Barbecue

A upright Rosemary with aromatic foliage has a brilliant flavour for cooking and straight, sturdy stems which can act as barbecue skewers. 
Can grow to a height of around 150cm but you will be adding this plant to so many dishes which will keep it nice and short.

Garden Mint

Garden Mint is a true classic. It’s hardy and will make it through the coldest of winters in the UK. This is the variety of Mint that many will remember relatives adding to boiled potatoes on a Sunday roast as well as an accompaniment to roast lamb. But as with many Mints it can be used in loads of different ways including teas, salads, curries and so much more. If you need Mint for your potatoes or lamb this is the one for you. It’s simple to grow and will come back year after year in the UK. 

Compact Marjoram

A low growing herb plant that is an essential part of Italian dishes as well as many other cuisines. Ideal for a windowsill where you can pick the aromatic leaves and straight into you food.

Oregano Acorn Bank

All the flavour of oregano with the added benefit of stunning golden foliage. A great plant to add to so many dishes and really bring them to life with flavour.




Is this plant "garden ready"

Maybe, we prefer our plug plants (also known as starter plants) to be potted up before going into the garden. The ideal size is a 9 cm pot, but it can be slightly smaller or larger if you would prefer. In the warmer months you may get away with planting straight out, but it is probably not worth the risk.

What compost should I use?

A good quality multipurpose compost is idea for this. You can use your own compost but make sure you know that it is not too high (or low) in nutrients.

Will each variety be labelled? 

Yes. you will get 5 different varieties in this collection.

Will I get the plants in the picture?

Not from the main picture, we use that as it looks nice. But you will get the others.

Are all of these plants Hardy?

Yes. all of the plants in this selection are hardy in the UK, some of the varieties may need some protection from a very cold winter.

What is a plug plant?

A plug plant is a small starter plant that is perfect to pot up in to a larger plant. We grow and sell so many of these because the allow us to do it for such a good price.

Is the plug plant in the picture the one I will get?

No, we use this picture just to give you an idea of the size of the plant.