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New Guinea Hybrid -Established 9cm pot (Busy Lizzie)

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Color: white

Impatiens New Guinea Hybrid - Busy Lizzie

Around about 10 years ago, our nursery grew thousands of these lovely summer plants for various garden centres all over the south-east of England. New Guinea hybrids are a stunning plant that will flower from now, all the way until the first frosts, and they will make a beautiful centrepiece to a planted container. 


With very similar flowers to Impatiens (Busy Lizzies), New Guinea Hybrids are from the same family, and very closely related. One of the main rises in their popularity over the last few years, is because they do not suffer from downy mildew in the same way the Busy Lizzy does. The flowers range from white through oranges, reds and pinks, and they really do put on a show. In the UK, these plants really are made for containers. They love sunlight and will need as sunny a spot as you can give them. One thing they do not like to do is dry out, so keep an eye on the water levels and keep the compost moist. This is a plant that will keep on sending out new flowers, so deadheading really does help keep the display going. 


These plants really do like to be in a bright spot. Choose as sunny an area as you have. Don't worry if you only have conditions which are partial shade, as they will grow and flower just fine, but they do prefer a sunny spot.