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Moonlight Magic Tulip Collection - 20 Tulip Bulbs. From our Bulb Tastic Range. Bulb Size 12+


If you love Tulips and Moonlight, this collection is for you. Deep purple/black and striking ivory/white tulips will provide the most stunning moonlight magic backdrop or centre stage, a truly magical spectacle. 

Spring flowering bulbs are the perfect way to add colour and interest to your garden. As the season "springs" into life these bulbs rejuvenate your garden with stunning colours. Our top quality bulbs have been carefully selected to make sure you get the best possible plants.

A symbol of Spring. Tulips are the most popular spring bulbs and most gardeners reserve them a spot in the garden or containers. Grown for their attractive vibrant flowers and fragrance, there are currently of 3,000 varieties.

Your Moonlight Magic Tulip Collection comprises of  : 

Tulip Black Hero  5 x Bulbs - An outstanding double tulip. Also known as 'Queen of the Night' It has beautiful flowers of deep moonlight maroon.

Tulip Snow Lady 5 x Bulbs - The most elegant tulip, Stunning ivory/white shades of the moon with a vibrant fragrance.

Tulip Black Parrot 5 x Bulbs - An exotic black/purple tulip with sultry wavy petals, providing dramatic moonlight shades.

Tulip Snow Crystal 5 x Bulbs - A pure white double frilly tulip. Delicate feathered petals that appear almost magical.

A Glossy leaflet with a step by step guide to planting your bulbs. 

Scanned QR code which will take you directly to a video on how to plant your bulbs, personally made for you, by Alan of Newlands Nursery. 

Please note to keep prices as low as possible, we can not take requests for specific varieties.

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