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Lettuce Celebrate sowing Kit


Home grown salad is one of the joys of gardening. This kit features 4 fantastic varieties that are full of flavour, and you will be enjoying lettuce before you know it.

Lettuce celebrate  

If you are looking for quick grow your own vegetables, then look no further than lettuce.  These 4 varieties featured in a previous DUG box and were so popular we thought it was time to let them feature again.  This is the perfect vegetable to grow on the windowsill or conservatory, where you will be able to pick the leaves and add them straight to the plate.

Let’s Meet the plants


This lovely lettuce was bred specifically for baby leaf production and will often be found in a mixed packet from the supermarket.  This type of lettuce is known as a Batavian “type” which is characterised by its thick frilly leaves.


A beautiful red variety which is a crossbreed from Lollo and Batavian varieties.  This means you get leaves that are not quite frilly and almost have a bubbly look to them.  A great baby leaf variety.


A bright green lettuce which has thick and crunchy leaves.  Not as frilly as some other varieties, but just as attractive in the salad bowl.


A dark green variety that is famed for its crunchy texture and thick leaves.  The leaves have a very slight frill to the edges, but they are best described as wavy.  A firm favourite with baby leaf growers.

This Product is one of our fantastic kits from the DUG Plant Box. Please note these are delivered from the 6th of April.