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Houseplant Mix 6 Plants in 9cm Pot

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The perfect collection if you know you want some house plants, but not sure which ones to choose. All of the varieties in this collection are selected because they look good. And they are easy to care for This collection will be a random selection of 6 of the best house plants of the moment. Your collection will include some of the following varieties (this is a random selection you may not receive these varieties). Pteris Cretica Alba, Fittonia Green/White, Dieffenbachia Camilla, Draceana Marginata Magenta Tip, Croton Bush Fire, Pteris cretica mayi, Pellea Rotundifolia, Pilea micropylla, Phlebodium, Tradescantia Dark Purple Leaf, Please note this product does not include the pot, the plant will be sent in a standard recyclable horticulture pot.

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