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Poppy Seed Sowing Kit - Poppy Time! From Dug Plant Box

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We are excited to introduce our new Dug Box Kit - Poppy Seed Kit 

It has everything in it you will need, to pot up 3 varieties of popular and pretty Poppies. 

Poppies have been grown for many centuries.  First for their medicinal uses, but in later years, because they look so nice. These traditional plants make fantastic garden plants and really are stunning either planted in a border or grown in a pot.  Poppies, as with many plants, need a winter before they will flower.  Sowing them this time of year is ideal, we grow them through the winter and will enjoy their flowers next year.

Let’s meet the varieties

Red Field Poppy

This is the poppy we all know and love.  Sometimes known as the remembrance poppy, it was once found growing wild all over the UK.  Thankfully, the numbers are up as the use of chemical in farming has reduced, this iconic flower is becoming more and more common.

Lady Bird Poppy

This lovely poppy has the same pure red of the field poppy, but as it shows off its flowers in the centre, you are treated to 4 black spots on the inside of the petals.  This is a fantastic variety to grow in a pot.  Once it has flowered, collecting the seed will give you plenty of plants for the following year.

Pizzicato Poppy

A dwarf collection of poppies which grow to 30cm in height.  This makes them ideal for a patio pot, or to grow on the edge of a border.  This variety will flower many different colours including salmon, pink, orange, red and anything in between.

The Kit comprises of : 

3 packets of different varieties of Poppy Seeds

1x Pack Lady Bird Poppy Seeds

1x Pack Red Field Poppy Seeds

1x Pack Pizzicato Poppy Seeds

6 x 9cm Standard recyclable horticulture pots. 

Enough compost for entire project.

Individual Labels for each Pot

Glossy leaflet with a step by step guide to sowing the seeds. 

Scanned QR code which will take you directly to a video on how to sow your Poppy Seeds, personally made for you, by Alan of Newlands Nursery.