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Dracaena Compacta Janet Craig - One Established Pot

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Dracaena Compacta, also known as Dracaena Deremensis, belongs to the family of Agavaceae or Agavoideae. This plant is famous for the luscious foliage and its low maintenance growth. It is the most loved variety in the Dracaena family. 

The botanical name for this variety is Dracaena Janet Craig, and it’s was originally cultivated in Africa, Asia, and Central America. Some growers also refer to it as Compacta Dragon Tree, and it lives to the name with the tightly packed foliage.

This variety grows and thrives in semi-shaded spots in tropical areas. As the name implies, this Dracaena is a compact plant and would easily live in any corner of your house, office, or mini garden. This is an elegant plant with a tall stem and clusters of green leaves.

Please note the ceramic pot is only for display. This plant is shipped in a plastic recyclable pot.