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Courgette time! Reduced plastic sowing Kit


Courgette time 

If you have never grown Courgettes before, you are in for a shock.  These plants can be very productive indeed.  It’s not usual to give them to friends and family as they really can produce a lot of fruit.  The great thing about courgettes is that they taste fantastic and are so versatile.

Let’s meet the varieties

Courgette Sunstripe 

A truly stunning courgette that tastes as good as it looks.  The fruit are a bright golden yellow with pale cream stripes running the length of the fruit.  A heavy cropping variety making this easy to grow at home either in a large container or the ground.

Courgette Eight Ball 

This F1 variety for courgette produces very unusual round fruit.  The fruit are around the size of a pool ball and light to dark green in colour.  One of the really nice things about this variety is that it does not spread in the same way as many other varieties.  In fact, this plant will stay relatively compact.

Courgette Ambassador 

This is a variety you may well have eaten without knowing it. This is by far the most popular variety with commercial growers for both plant sales and the fruit into the supermarkets.  A very reliable variety that will produce a heavy crop.

This Product is one of our fantastic kits from the DUG Plant Box. Please note these are delivered from the 6th of April.