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Coreopsis and container


Coreopsis and a Container

3 Starter Plants. Glossy Information Guide & A Decorative Container.

 If you are looking to brighten up your garden coreopsis is a fantastic choice.  In this kit we feature a new range of coreopsis called Sizzle and Spice.  These have been carefully bred over years by Walter Gardens in the USA.  The main features of this range (and why we love them) is they flower throughout the summer, have a compact habit, stunning flowers and are easy to care for. 

 Coreopsis Sizzle and Spice Sassy Saffron A striking coreopsis that will flower throughout the summer.  The light-yellow petals contrast fantastically with the deep red almost black centres.

Coreopsis Sizzle and Spice Hot Vanilla Creamy white petals and a purple centre - it knows how to make an impact.

Coreopsis Sizzle and Spice Curry Up A very bold coreopsis that is a beacon for bees and butterflies due to its bright flowers which have striking yellow petals and a deep red centre.

Colour of the Pot may Vary.