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Collection of 3 Cactus in 6cm pots

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Cactus, you have to love them.

This collection contains 3 different cactus in 6cm pots. You will get 3 different plants in your collection

These lovely little plants are possibly the easiest way plants to care for when it comes to watering. As you can imagine cactus love a good light source, so a sunny windowsill or conservatory is ideal.

When potting up your plants a well-drained soil is a must. One of the most common misconceptions about cactus is that they do not need watering. Even though these plants can survive for a long period of time without water they will really thrive with a bit.


Will each variety be labeled? 

No. This collection will not be, it is one of the ways we keep the plants so cheap. But you will get 3 different varieties.

Will I get the plants in the picture?

Maybe, The picture is of plants that we grow and more than likely you will get some of these but we will select from the best plants of the moment.

Can I select the ones I want

No, we select the best of the time. That is one of the ways we make the collection so cheap.